Case Study


A local manufacturing business acquired a competitor situated about five miles away. Much of the work of the newly acquired business was identical to that which was already undertaken by our client. As a consequence of the staff merger of the two businesses cost savings in administration and manufacturing were identified resulting in the need to make 45 redundancies.


TCS advised on identifying the relevant pool of employees for redundancy selection, producing a timeline for the consultation process including establishing employee consultation groups, meeting with affected employees and serving redundancy notices. We supplied all the necessary documentation, provided training to managers conducting the consultation and redundancy interviews and assisted in person where needed.

We also assisted in identifying whether any suitable alternative positions were available for affected employees, explored the possibility of voluntary redundancies and the costs involved.


The company successfully streamlined the merged businesses and in the process made 41 employees compulsorily redundant whilst the remaining 4 took voluntary redundancy. Only one employee appealed against their selection for redundancy and there were no ensuing tribunal claims.